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The Royal Family of Nepal Visits SPS (1982)....

Time, Fate and could never have imagined the misfortunes that befell the Royal Family of Nepal and that HRH (then) Prince Gyanendra (North Point'63) would become King in 2001 for a brief seven years. The fall of the Shahs in Nepal was a sad event and with it Nepal has lost its strong identity and standing in the world.

When we spent 2001-2002 in Nepal-India, I was in Kathmandu w/family at the time of the massacre and King Gyanendra's accession to the throne. Afterwards, I had the rare privilege of working with his 'King Mahendra Trust for Nature Conservation' and was later given the distinct honor of editing a book length collection of King Gyanendra's speeches to institutions around the world (published as a book).

Old Josephites of his vintage speak of his keen debating, writing and presenting skills.......I can certainly endorse and verify their claims!

Best of SPS - Rectors Goddard & Dang (1982)!

Paulite 1984 Nostalgia !

I received a surprise call and note from Mr. Dang in December 2004 and spoke to him again, thereafter (first contact since school); here's what our old Rector had to say:

MESSAGE: 4th December, 2004

Dear Viraj :

This is just to check if your E-mail is correct. The new Government; the idealistic, secular, liberal, government, and my Old Students in the Government and the Planning Commission are supportive of the Book-length-feature of the Quarterly International Journal of Sustainable Development, on "India's Infrastructural Challenge : Issues of Equity and Sustainability", and I think you, with your expertise and your globally relevant books and your Ph. D., MS in urban planning and so on, and having spent 2001-2002 in Nepal-India, working as a Development Consultant, set up an institution, and having taught International Relations and having published your 2 books on globalization and global change and received good reviews from Irani's "The Statesman", Calcutta, should be the Editor !

I was extremely saddened to hear of your father’s passing away – a true Paulite, a thorough and rare gentleman, an asset to St. Paul’s – I might add ; there aren’t too many OPs of his caliber and upbringing left in India!

Affectionate regards to your lovely wife Tracy, and boys Nik and Shawn.


[Awarded Padma Shree] (Ex-Rector, St. Paul’s Darjeeling 1977- 84) Mountaineer/Naturalist: Member -Everest Expedition of 1962.
Chief Editor, Quarterly International Journal of SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT; President-Chairman, The (Third) World Education Centre Society (TWECS); The India International School; Author of “HIMALAYAN ENVIRONMENT-Issues and Concerns of Conservation and Development”; “India’s New Education Policy”; “The Snow Leopard of the Himalayan and Its Prey; “Blueprint for School Education”; "Timebound Total Literacy”; “Borderless Education:The Role of ITES”; “Gender Sensitivity in Education”; “The Vandalisation of India’s Wilderness since Independence”; and “India’s Heartland : Central Asia” (under preparation); President, Society for Technology and Action for Sustainable Development (TASD); Chairman, Centre for Development and Environment (CENDEVEN), Renuka Dang Memorial Drought Proofing & Desertification Research ; Woman and Child Development, Total Literacy ; and Sariska Tiger Conservation and Wilderness Centre, (at) Village (s) Jagannathpura/Narayani Mata and Roopu-ka-Bas, Tehsil Thana Ghazi, District Alwar, Rajasthan; The International Journal for Sustainable Development ®
* Chairman, International Himalayan Environment Programme and Action Projects Conference; United Nations International Year of Mountains, 2002; UN Year of Water 2003; Member, Governing Body, Automobile Association of Upper India; Founder-Member, Society for Urban Regeneration of Gurgaon and the National Capital Region, and the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH); Former Member, Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE), National Integration Council, National Commission on Teachers, National Children’s Board, Indian Board for Wildlife; Society for the National Institutes of Sports, Government of India (SNIPES); All India Council of Sports; Expert Committee on Infrastructure Development, Chairman/Convenor, sub-groups/committees on the Gulf of Kachchh in Gujarat, India; Honorary Chief Patron, The (Indian Education) Technology Mission; National Campaign for India (NCFI).

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The Adelaide-Paulite Connection!

An extraordinary reunion of Old Paulites took place in Adelaide, South Australia in October 2005 that effectively represented the years between 1937 and 1984 (almost 50 years of the 186 year history of St. Paul’s). It was a memorable meeting and a strong affirmation of the Paulite tradition! Moniti Meliora Sequamur.

The University of Adelaide is one of Australia's most research-intensive universities with a rich tradition of excellence in education and research, with world-class academics and a vibrant student life. Since its establishment in 1874 the University of Adelaide has been amongst Australia's leading universities. Its contribution to the wealth and well-being of South Australia and Australia as a whole - across all fields of endeavor - has been enormous.The University of Adelaide (colloquially Adelaide University or Adelaide Uni) is third oldest in Australia and is a member of the prestigious Group of Eight as well as the Sandstone Universities.